[mythtv-users] Occasional No Channel Lock on Cable QAM

moodyjunk at frontiernet.net moodyjunk at frontiernet.net
Sat Oct 4 05:35:04 UTC 2008

I've been running pcHDTV HD5500 on MythDora 5 for 3 months with no  
problems until this week.  This week I had 3 failed prime time  
recordings (file not found), all on different days and all on the same  
channel.  The System Status Log shows start/finish successful for the  
recording, but the associated file is not on the drive.  The next hour  
after one of the failed recordings had a successful recording on a  
different channel.  In between failed recordings I have successfully  
recorded on the questionable channel with no problem.

I caught one failed recording in progress.  The Upcoming Recordings  
panel shows the failed recording in green (implying it was recording),  
but no file is generated.  I stopped the phantom recording and  
switched to Live TV and could not get a signal lock on that channel (I  
was unable to switch channels to see if I could lock on a different  
channel).  My TV was able to lock into the failed channel with no  
problem at the same time that MythTV was not.  After a few failed  
attempts I was eventually able to lock onto the channel through MythTV.

This doesn't seem like a low signal issue, unless the specific channel  
happens to be low at the start of the recording and then comes back  
but MythTV doesn't retry.

Can anyone verify whether or not MythTV retries a signal lock in the  
event that it fails?

Anybody have any ideas on how to diagnose the problem?


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