[mythtv-users] tuners and lineups and channels, oh my

Peter Abplanalp pta-myth at psaconsultants.com
Thu Oct 2 15:15:09 UTC 2008

ok, this just seems very messy to me.  i have 3 different sets of
channels that i need.  one for "analog" cable, one for digital cable,
and one for qam256.  i followed the directions and now i have channels
of the form 50#0 but when i watch tv with the hdhomerun, i still have
a bunch of channels it can't tune from the digital cable list of
channels.  also, i assigned the xmltv ids to the ones i could figure
out last night and when mythfilldatabase ran this morning i expected
to have listing data for the hdhomerun channels that had xmltv ids but
i don't. so i have some questions:

1) is there any way to filter the channels when using the hdhomerun to
only have the qam256 channels?  if so, how?  is there some table in
mythconverg that cross references channels to tuners?

2) why did mythfilldatabase not create listing data for the qam256
channels that had xmltvids?

3) i'd kinda like to clean up my channel data anyway so i thought i
might just start from scratch.  is there a nice concise set of
instructions somewhere on the best way to do this for my situation of
analog, digital and qam256?  i.e. start with analog on whatever lineup
then add digital to the same/different lineup, lastly add qam256 to
the same/different lineup.

4) the hdhomerun scanning utility found a number of channels that myth
did not.  i assume from reading the archives that i can add them
manually if i want.  the thing i'd like to get cleared up is that the
hdhr scanner found something like:

SCANNING: 381000000 (us-cable:50, us-irc:50)
LOCK: qam256 (ss=83 snq=99 seq=100)
PROGRAM 1: 0.0
PROGRAM 2: 0.0

but when myth scanned it, i got:

| chanid | channum | freqid | sourceid | callsign     | name
                          | xmltvid |
|   1500 | 50#0    | 50     |        1 | UNKNOWN50#0  | UNKNOWN50#0
                          | 10567   |
|   1501 | 50#1    | 50     |        1 | UNKNOWN50#1  | UNKNOWN50#1
                          | 10380   |

that indicates to me that program 1 -> 0.  or, said like a programmer,
the hdhr scanner uses arrays indexed at 1 and myth uses arrays indexed
at 0.  so would it be correct for me to add the missing channels as
channel#program-1?  also, somewhat related, sometimes the #? number
wasn't even close to the program number that the hdhr scanner found.
could it be that #0 is just the first tunable program on the given
channel?  such that something like:

SCANNING: 417000000 (us-cable:56, us-irc:56)
LOCK: qam256 (ss=87 snq=99 seq=100)
PROGRAM 1: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM 2: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM 3: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM 4: 0.0
PROGRAM 5: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM 6: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM 7: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM 8: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM 9: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM 10: 0.0 (encrypted)
PROGRAM 11: 0.0 (encrypted)

would give me 56#0 in myth where 0 in myhth means program 4?



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