[mythtv-users] Server/adding new card dilemma, HD/hardware questions

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 01:53:03 UTC 2008

> Okay, lost me here. Are you saying that if I get a card that captures
> Digital TV only (no analog input), and I just have regular analog cable TV
> right now, I can capture it fine? ie., Digital is kind of "backwards
> compatible" to grab analog?? I think this area confuses me most lol.
A lot of digital tuners have analog as well. Although the analog tuner
on these cards use software mpeg not hardware. Also, I am not sure
what is happening in outside of my viewing area but I know that next
February there will still be over 50 analog only channels and probably
the same 12 unencrypted digital channels (MYTV, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX + 4
PBS + ABC weather + NBC Weather + classic tv)  with my Comcast
service. I currently have dual analog tuners going and a single
digital tuner that allows me to record more than 1 digital station at
a time provided that the station is in the same multiplex. For me all
12 channels are in 4 or 5 multiplexes.


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