[mythtv-users] Flashing on one channel

Michael Carland mcarland at bitsgonewild.net
Wed Oct 1 00:54:28 UTC 2008


I had a perfectly working Myth box, and I went and broke it (kinda)  
by applying security updates with:

aptitude update
aptitude upgrade

After reboot, everything seemed fine, until a show on channel 2 was  
recorded. The recorded show had a very high contrast (or is it  
brightness? everything is bright white and washed out), and the video  
flashes, in a random pattern. Sometimes it flashes three times in two  
seconds, sometimes it will go about 20 seconds without flashing. The  
rate of flashing may have something to do with how bright the scene is.

This occurs in both recordings and live tv, on all four tuners (two  
PVR-500), and only on channel 2. The channel looks fine on the TVs  

The only strange thing during the update was the firmware wouldn't  
load after the update, I think the update tried to switch between  
hotplug and udev. I had to muck around back and forth to get the  
dependencies right, but in the end, I ended up with the same package,  
and the firmware does load. I'm seeing nothing odd in the logs. I  
tried powering down and pulling the plug for about three minutes, and  
several reboots.

I found no love on Google, anyone have any suggestions?



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