[mythtv-users] Just how great can VDPAU be?

James Purl convbox at jamespurl.com
Sat Nov 29 19:01:39 UTC 2008

On Friday 28 November 2008 21:11:23 Johan Venter wrote:
[ deletia ]
> The initial VDPAU patch has just been committed to trunk:
> http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/19165
> Yay :)
At long last, it appears it's finally time for me to return to SVN!  Like 
many, I pre-ordered the HD-PVR.  I used it with a Windows laptop (which was a 
pain booting back into Vista, going into TitanTV to setup the show I wanted, 
then arranging the laptop next to the TV/HD-PVR/DirecTV box) for awhile until 
the hassle outweighed the access to HD-Net (the only channel I recorded that 
wasn't already in my Myth system).  I thought about going to SVN anyways once 
HD-PVR support settled down.  I even ordered some USB to Serial controllers 
and got my Myth Box to change the channel on my DirecTV box, but since none 
of my dedicated myth boxes could render the H.264 recordings, I'd be forced 
to watch them on my only TV with a PS3 (or some of the more powerful 
computers I have at desks--but office chairs << reclining sofa seats).  
Unfortunately, there were some AC3 issues with MythTV<->PS3 UPnP (apparently 
with the PS3 because a couple Sony updates back, those issues mostly sorted 
themselves out). There was also the WAF to consider, which also kept me on 
the -fixes branch.  But, with VDPAU so close, and according to Isaac's reply 
today to this thread, even working well now with MPEG2, the promise of using 
my HD-PVR and being able to watch the recordings with my P4 3.0HT (and the 
PCI GF8400 advertised as working) has me heading to Newegg TODAY!  I wanted 
to write this as a big thanks to all those, at nVidia and MythTV together, 
whose work has made such a difference!  We often hear the complaints, 
especially on this list, about this trivial thing or that trivial thing, but 
IMHO, this is hands down the best DVR, hardware solutions included. Thanks 
Gang!  Now to show nVidia some love, by way of Newegg. I have a total of four 
cards to get--3 PCI and one PCI-x.


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