[mythtv-users] Just how great can VDPAU be?

Scott D. Davilla davilla at 4pi.com
Sat Nov 29 16:18:43 UTC 2008

>Scott D. Davilla wrote:
>>>   >Has anyone been able to test on a P4 based system with a good old
>>>>  fashion PCI card?  My quick search of Newegg didn't find any AGP 8xxx
>>>>  or newer cards, but I did find PCI cards.
>>>>  Here's hoping that my MythTV system built from old parts may be
>>>>  able to do HD.
>>>>  -Mark
>>>  ooohhh, been looking for a PCI 8400 to test VDPAU on the Intel dual
>>>  core atom 330 ITX motherboard. Thanks. If this works, $80 for the
>>>  atom 330 mb, $60 for the video card, +case and ps == real cheap 1080p
>>>  capable media center.
>>  Just an update to testing VDPAU under the atom 330 and a PCI nvidia
>>  8400. All I can say is WOW. H.264 video content that took 45 and 160
>>  percent CPU under the atom 330 without VDPAU takes less than 5
>>  percent cpu with VDPAU. Not a type, that's really less than 5
>>  percent. VDPAU == very cool.
>That's very interesting - thanks for the update.
>What's the "watchability" like with that PCI Nvidia 8400?  Any
>stuttering?  What resolution and bitrate of H.264 content were you
>testing with?
>This could open up some options for people with older hardware that only
>has AGP for video, not to mention lower-power (wattage) hardware, like
>you seem to pursuing with the Intel Atom.  I could use a PCI 8xxx video
>card in place of an AGP card, and still get watchable performance on
>Hi-def H.264 content, in theory.
>  From the notes on the patch that Isaac submitted, it looks like MPEG2
>video is still not-quite visuallyoptimal, but that's probably just a
>matter of time before that gets smoothed out.
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