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Mon Nov 17 17:32:33 UTC 2008

<br>&quot;The Consumer Electronics Association (<a href="" target="_blank">CEA</a>)
says that, if the Federal Communications Commission gives Hollywood a
waiver on Selectable Output Control, 20 million HDTV sets will cease to
function as they did when they were bought by U.S. consumers. These
controls limit the ability of consumers to send a broadcast to both
their sets and other devices, but current FCC policy prohibits SOC use.
The request for a waiver from that policy comes from the Motion Picture
Association of America (<a href="" target="_blank">MPAA</a>).&quot;<br><font color="#888888"><br></font></blockquote></div><br>They are seeking a narrow exemption allowing them to enable the SOC for movies that are released on VOD or elsewhere prior to being released on DVD and Blu-ray. So it would only be allowed during the time period prior to the DVD release. It isn&#39;t a blanket disabling of component outputs like the subject and the blurb implie. However, I don&#39;t think anybody is doubting that the MPAA would like to use this narrow exemption to get their proverbial foot in the door, and do something more restrictive in the future.<br>


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