[mythtv-users] Storage Solution: Can ya help a brother out?

vamythguy vamythguy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 04:38:53 UTC 2008

On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 1:57 PM, vamythguy <vamythguy at gmail.com> wrote:

> The Rig:
> All of my media is ripped to a 3x250GB/1x300GBSATA RAID-5 (ubuntu mdadm)
> array in a box with an amd64 3800 and 1G of RAM.  The box was running along
> just fine until (I think this is what happened) the water pump on the water
> cooler died.  The machine heated-up and shut down to avoid burning out.  I
> ordered a zalman fan (the water cooler pulled way too much power) and
> another gig of RAM (why not? this box was a myth fe/be and might be again).
> The Problem:
> After installing the fan and the memory, the machine refuses to boot.
> There is no video, the post code indicates it's booting, but the HD and
> CD/DVD just keep cycling.  I have tried just about every combo of stripped
> down mobo I can but nothing (other than the cycling drives).  My media
> remains orphaned.
> The Opportunity(?):
> I have every reason to believe the media is safe, if unaccesible.  But I
> don't know what is wrong.  So I'm considering a new setup that would
> hopefully - keep price down by reusing componnents (memory, drives (i've got
> other large sata drives) and cpu), allow me to recover my media and provide
> fast (enough) network accessible storage that is expandable (ala LVM),
> redundant (ala raid) and external (ala eSATA, USB, firewire, AoE an
> enclosure - whatever).  This machine would run slimcenter and mysql (and
> possibly some other network services) unless it makes more sense to just
> pull all that off to a seperate big/bad cpu/memory only box.  or maybe I'm
> crazy.  I just know I'd like to move to a box whose sole providence is
> providing lots of safe, fast (enough) storage using as many parts as I
> already have and doing so it such that my media isn't lost (I've had issues
> moving raid arrays from one box to another, or even one distro to another on
> the same hardware).
> Hopefully this isn't too OT or too 'we've all already done that - next".

No interest?  Maybe someone can tell me why this is a non-starter?
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