[mythtv-users] Storage Solution

vamythguy vamythguy at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 21:57:18 UTC 2008

The Rig:

All of my media is ripped to a 3x250GB/1x300GBSATA RAID-5 (ubuntu mdadm)
array in a box with an amd64 3800 and 1G of RAM.  The box was running along
just fine until (I think this is what happened) the water pump on the water
cooler died.  The machine heated-up and shut down to avoid burning out.  I
ordered a zalman fan (the water cooler pulled way too much power) and
another gig of RAM (why not? this box was a myth fe/be and might be again).

The Problem:

After installing the fan and the memory, the machine refuses to boot.  There
is no video, the post code indicates it's booting, but the HD and CD/DVD
just keep cycling.  I have tried just about every combo of stripped down
mobo I can but nothing (other than the cycling drives).  My media remains

The Opportunity(?):

I have every reason to believe the media is safe, if unaccesible.  But I
don't know what is wrong.  So I'm considering a new setup that would
hopefully - keep price down by reusing componnents (memory, drives (i've got
other large sata drives) and cpu), allow me to recover my media and provide
fast (enough) network accessible storage that is expandable (ala LVM),
redundant (ala raid) and external (ala eSATA, USB, firewire, AoE an
enclosure - whatever).  This machine would run slimcenter and mysql (and
possibly some other network services) unless it makes more sense to just
pull all that off to a seperate big/bad cpu/memory only box.  or maybe I'm
crazy.  I just know I'd like to move to a box whose sole providence is
providing lots of safe, fast (enough) storage using as many parts as I
already have and doing so it such that my media isn't lost (I've had issues
moving raid arrays from one box to another, or even one distro to another on
the same hardware).

Hopefully this isn't too OT or too 'we've all already done that - next".
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