[mythtv-users] Who is VCRAddict - and who appointed him sheriff of Mythville?

Paul Clark battledean at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 15:34:20 UTC 2008

Whoever he is he knows a lot about women's footwear


2008/11/21 Greg Estabrooks <greg at phaze.org>:
>> *sigh*  thats a war I lost a long time ago.  why did top posting become
>> evil, why :(
>  I can think of a few reasons, though I'm sure die hard top posters
> will try to come up with excuses for them. Please note bottom
> posting without proper trimming of quoted material can be just as bad
> and some of this applies to that as well.
>  # In Western society reading is done from top to bottom. Posting replies
>   before the question or comment they are responding to makes
>   them unclear. And the more quoted the less clear exactly what you are
>   replying to.
>  # Top-posting inevitably leads to long posts, because most top-posters
>   leave the original message intact. This leads to wasted space,
>   and more importantly confusion for the reader since they don't know if they
>   have to read all of it or not to find more NEW information later.
>  # When you have top and bottom posting conversations become nonsensical and
>   the quoted post which is support to be there to clarify what you are
>   responding to and how you go there depending on how much was quoted
>   immediately looses all value.
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