[mythtv-users] NVIDIA vdpau acceleration works on IGP GeForce8200

mikp mikpolniak at roadrunner.com
Thu Nov 20 12:02:05 UTC 2008

Testing the new Nvidia 180.06 driver on my BiostarTF8200 motherboard with GeForce 8200 integrated graphics and dual-core amd x2-5000 (2.6 GHz) shows that CPU usage drops from 90-99% in one core to 5-15%. 
I tested with ffh264vdpau and the h264 files produced by my HD-PVR. With powernow enabled when i switched the CPU to 1 GHz the h264 videos still played but the audio got way out of sync, so i am not sure what the minimum CPU is, but this bodes well for low power CPU's and vdpau acceleration.

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