[mythtv-users] Monolith Pre-made MythTV Box?

Paul Gallaway pgallaway at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 16:04:08 UTC 2008

> Also, I live in Canada.  (So most the USA stuff likely won't effect
> me.)  Canada isn't doing the government forced HDTV switch.  We still
> have, and will continue to have, normal unencrypted analog TV over
> cable.  (At least where I live, Canada has never really had alot of
> channels coming over the air waves... so cable TV has always really
> been the norm here.)

Depends. The US affects border cities a lot since many of our cable
feeds are US channels. If nothing else expect to see a lot more SD
broadcasts in letterbox.

Canada OTA broadcast switch to digial (ATSC) is August 31, 2011.
Expect to see more and more stations make the switch to digital
broadcasts, in urban centres first, and then everywhere else. However,
analogue broadcasts will continue to be broadcast simultaneously until
at least the shutoff. I imagine that cable companies won't be far
behind in implementing as they try to force the analogue laggards,
like me, into renting STB's. At least that how I see it. There's no
plan or outline for this from the cable companies or CRTC as far as I
know, but it will happen eventually.

Canada does not have a requirement for any digital cable channels to
be in the clear, basic or otherwise. Rogers in most of southern
Ontario appears to encrypt every QAM channel (or nearly everything)
but in other parts of the country most of it is in the clear. It's
basically a crap-shoot. Cogeco and Shaw from what I hear are a little
more lenient, again, depending on where you are.

        all good things. all in good time.

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