[mythtv-users] FYI - New HW video accellAPI from NVIDIA

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Sun Nov 16 22:21:46 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 10:58 +1300, Tortise wrote:
> Re "Now go buy yourself a $30 video card ($20 after mail-in rebate)
> and quit being, er, Cynical."
> The point is many of us have 6 and 7 series cards that are said to be
> HD capable, that we have already invested in, we merely await 
> the nix HD drivers...
> Why has NVIDIA seemingly skipped drivers for these HD capable cards?

Because there are multiple hardware architectures. One has bee
abandonned, the other has a future.

When considering dev investments, which is money in the end, for a
limited return, guess where the efforts are spent.

> Sometimes the mere $20 cost is not that simple, for example a whole
> new motherboard may also be required, to also change from AGP to 
> PCI16.
> This has a smell of buy another....and maybe we'll release the other
> drivers in due course, when you've invested twice in NVIDIA, 
> for one purpose....
> Kaching.  Thank you!
> Perhaps it is just a few of us who do not want to invest in further
> kit, when we have already got kit that should do the job.  (At 
> any price)

So you do understand the concept. Those guys are not better or worse
than you, they think the same.

> Somehow I don't think it is just a few of us who feel this way, indeed
> I think an issue should be made of this with NVIDIA.

Ah, then you are not willing to extend your view and put yourself in
others' shoes.


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