[mythtv-users] Time to take the next step...

VCRAddict MythTV_01 at appropriate-tech.net
Sun Nov 16 20:38:14 UTC 2008

At 12:43 AM 11/16/08 -0800, John Finlay wrote:
 > >   
 > Mythtv controls the HDHR boxes over the network using TCP sockets. No IR 
 > blasters required.

That is excellent news, BUT...

 > I think the IR mentioned is for use with a remote 
 > control - each box has one.

Now I'm confused.  If the Myth box is controlling the HDHR withOUT using
IR, why would the HDHR need a remote?  I mean, I can understand coupling
the system remote to the tuner in the case of plug-in (PCI, etc.) tuner
cards (such as the Hauppage PVR-150s in my existing FE/BE system); but how
can something "hung off the LAN, out there somewhere" couple to LIRC
running on the Myth box?

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