[mythtv-users] Problem w/ nVidia drivers 177.80???

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 16 03:05:02 UTC 2008

steve wrote:
> Harry Devine wrote:
>> Allen Edwards wrote:
>>> I have had terrible problems with nVidia settings.  My computer
>>> wouldn't even boot because of a conflict between the drivers and an
>>> Air2PC card.  Just today after updating my setup, it would only boot
>>> in low resolution mode.  In all cases here is the solution that worked
>>> for me.
>>> 1) Turn off the nvidia proprietary driver in mythsetup.  It has been
>>> so long since I did this but I think there is a check box somewhere.
>>> It may be out of there if you have the standard driver selected.  If
>>> you can't figure this step out, go to the next step.  It may do this
>>> for you.
>>> 2) Run Envyng and install the nvidia drivers.  This is real easy to
>>> use and has never given me any problem.
>>> Now, you will need a xorg.conf file if you don't have one.  I set mine
>>>  up manually but I have an S-Video and a DVI projector and needed to
>>> specify resolutions manually.
>>> Hope this helps,
>>> Allen
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>> I looked through all of the screens, in both mythtv-setup as well as the 
>> Utilities/Setup in the frontend, and I don't see a  check box anywhere.  
>> As for the Envyng suggestion, I have no idea what that is.  I try to run 
>> both "envyng" and "Envyng" and it says "command not found".  I'm sure 
>> I'm misunderstanding your suggestion there, so if you could clarify, 
>> that would be great.
>> Thanks for the help!
>> Harry
> Theres nothing in mythtv-setup about nvidia drivers.  you should be
> going to system>admin>hardware drivers and uncheck from there. I dont
> see where you say what version your using but if your using intrepid and
> a legacy nvidia card, no driver is going to work.  they are broken as
> intrepid is using a new xorg.
I didn't think so.  I actually did that unchecking from Hardware Drivers 
already.  I was using 8.10 earlier today, but went back to 8.04.1.  
Apparently the nVidia drivers don't work too well there either, based on 
the info I gave earlier in this thread.  But I appreciate the help and 


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