[mythtv-users] Problem w/ nVidia drivers 177.80???

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 14 15:41:32 UTC 2008

Dan Wilga wrote:
> I agree with Fred that the driver you want to be using is "nvidia", not "nv".
> I also recently ran into problems with MFE hanging after loading the 
> images. The log was spewing tons of error messages about GLX not 
> being present.
> The reason for this was the annoying graphic card autodetection stuff 
> built into the distro I use (Mandriva). I had just switched graphic 
> cards and, noticing this, it decided that the best driver for me to 
> use was "nv". Even though I switched back to a previous Xorg.conf 
> that used "nvidia", it had also replaced the GLX drivers with the 
> open source ones that don't work with "nvidia".
> I recommend you do what I did: download the installer from NVidia's 
> site. Don't use the one that comes with your distro, as it's most 
> likely several months out of date, anyway. When you run the 
> installer, it will make absolutely certain that all of the files it 
> needs are in the correct locations, unlike an RPM, which won't always 
> replace things that are present but of an incorrect version.
I'll try that later when I get home.  I actually saw that nVidia has a 
new 177.82 driver out, so I downloaded that, but when I run it, it tells 
me that I have an X-Server running and to disable X and then run it.  I 
can't get X to close and have just a command prompt.  I'm using 
Mythbuntu 8.10.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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