[mythtv-users] Seagate confirms problems with 1.5TB Barracuda drives

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Thu Nov 13 03:21:34 UTC 2008

The other truly alarming thing about the Seagate 1.5TB drives is their
apparently appalling failure rate.  I base this on the incredible number
of reviews at Newegg saying that the drive(s) either arrived DOA or died
in days or weeks.  This looked like inadequate packing at Newegg for the
first few reports, but there's a review at Amazon claiming to have sourced
drives from a variety of places and had problems with all of them---and
later Newegg reviewers have stopped complaining about Newegg's packaging
and are still reporting amazing mechanical failure rates.

I find it remarkable that this seems to be getting so little press on
the net, especially given Seagate's (former?) reputation for quality.
Obvious search terms aren't turning much up.


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