[mythtv-users] Extending mythshutdown to monitor non-myth processes

mythtv at payne.ch mythtv at payne.ch
Wed Nov 12 11:22:34 UTC 2008

I am running Mythdora 5 on a master backend and one frontend. I also  
use Samba to share som filesystems for general use, and I use Mythweb  
from other workstations for most scheduling and control actions.

I've (finally) got WOL & ACPI wakeup working on the BE and I plan to  
send a WOL packet during FE startup to make sure the BE's running.

The mythshutdown function will make sure the BE doesn't shutdown if  
the FE is running or soemthing is scheduled to be recorded, but how  
could I get it to stay on if someone is runnig Mythweb, or if samba  
shares are in use?

Also: do I need to run mythwelcome on the BE or can I do everything I  
need on the BE without mythwelcome (eg start at midnight to allow the  
schedule update to run)?

Any tips are welcome


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