[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase: overwrite previously set data

hannes at linus.priv.at hannes at linus.priv.at
Mon Nov 10 21:50:14 UTC 2008

Hi Nick,

I am running mythfilldatabase manually, several times a day (I use
tv_grab_dvb to get the TV-listings from a dvb-t stick, but I record the
analog signals with the PVR-350 because the quality is much better than
the dvb-t signals ...).

I use the following commands:
tv_grab_dvb -s -c -f listing.xml
mythfilldatabase --file 1 listing.xml

I am not sure if the problems occur every time when there are changes in
schedule, but I know that there are situations when they happen.


Nick Morrott wrote:
> On 10/11/2008, Johannes Reisinger <hannes at linus.priv.at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  is it possible to tell mythfilldatabase to overwrite data resulting from
>>  a previous run of mythfilldatabase?
>>  Consider this situation:
>>  - on monday I receive data, that show XXX starts at 10:15 on Thursday
>>  - on tuesday, the schedule was updated and I receive the data, that show
>>  XXX now starts at 10:20 on Thursday.
>>  - the result is, that show XXX is shown twice in the mythtv listing for
>>  thursday, once on 10:15 and once on 10:20.
> IIRC, changes such as this should be taken care of automatically
> during listings import. Are you running mythfilldatabase manually, or
> is mythbackend running it automatically for you?
> I'll be submitting a patch to allow listings to be deleted via MFDB soon.

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