[mythtv-users] Problem with audio on DVD playback and QAM channels

Aaron Klein klein.aaron at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 13:28:36 UTC 2008

I have been having an issue for a while on one of my systems.  I have
two myth systems one operating as secondary back end.  This secondary
system has a PVR 1600.  The main back end has two analog tuners.  I
can view and hear all four tuners with no issue on the TV that is
connected to the secondary back end but if I try to view the digital
tuner or digital programming recorded on the digital tuner on the
master back end i have an audio problem.  I don't know how to describe
the audio other than its clearly not what should be playing.  its a
consistent repeating sound.  This occurs even when I put a DVD in the
master back end.  I'm wondering if i might be missing an audio codec
or something.  The sound from the myth system on the master back end
is going directly into the TV where as the secondary system loops the
sound through the TV into an old stereo system.

In summary

Master Backend - No audio problems when viewing from any of three
analog tuners, audio issues when viewing live TV or recorded content
from a digital tuner and same audio problem when viewing commercial
DVD's. DVD's made with mytharchive work fine. *Sound going directly
into TV*

Secondary Backend - No audio problems what so ever.  I can view
recordings from analog and digital tuners with no problem as well as
no sound problems with DVD's. *Sound going from TV into stereo*

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