[mythtv-users] DTV Channel 4 (57) is now tuning to 66 (34).

Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 03:03:28 UTC 2008

When I tune to channel 4 (real channel 57) suddenly I get channel 66 (real
channel 34).  Maybe this happened when I updated the fixes, but it has been
going on for a few days.  The program guide shows the schedule for channel 4
but when I tune to it, or schedule a program, I get channel 66.  It has
worked fine for the 5 months I have had my mythbuntu.  I am running myth
version 18704 which I get from the weekly fixes.

I tried to google this but searching on changed channels, etc is kind of
useless.  I did find some posts but they dealt with changes to the program
listings, but those are fine.

The database checks out all "OK" and I run a database repair every evening
so I would expect it to be OK.  I don't think it is the tuner as my default
tuner HDHR has the problem and my Air2PC, which is not as sensitive, cannot
see the signal at all so I have to assume it is tuning to the weaker channel
66 and just not getting it.

Can anyone guide me to a solution for this?

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