[mythtv-users] What is current Myth - R5000 HD status?

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Mon Nov 10 02:56:22 UTC 2008

Marc Randolph wrote:
> Last time this type of topic came up, my impression of the consensus
> was that the component output is presently used by too many customers
> for it to be shut-off.  I know the provider can do anything they want,
> but they also have to weigh the outcome, and in this case, it seems
> unlikey they would do such a thing.
> My response was more following on the previous post, which pointed out
> that it was a single provider solution.  While you may be very happy
> with your present service, in my mind, the average person would get
> more (longer) use out of a componet capture device than with the R5000
> because they could take it with them when they change providers.
> But as I said, the R5000 is presumably the best quality you can get
> right now, so I'd be tempted to go with it anyway.  By the time it
> isn't useful to you (in a year, or ten), who knows what new device(s)
> will be out.
True,  my main reason for interest in R5000 was it doesn't record in 
H.264.  If I use a HD-pvr,
then I'm locked into very powerful frontends to decode any HD content.  
Not desirable.
I don't foresee changing from Dish really.  We've had them 10 years 
already.  Now if the alternative
device becomes available, so much the better.


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