[mythtv-users] UPnP setup on separate BE/FE

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Nov 8 06:21:28 UTC 2008

On 11/06/2008 09:12 PM, Robert MacKinnon wrote:
> I'm unsuccessful so far in getting UPnP to function on my setup -- 
> separate frontend/backend machines based on Ubuntu 7.10/MythTV 0.21.  
> UPnP clients are not seeing the UPnP control point on the myth backend 
> machine.
> The MythTV wiki page assumes an integrated myth box,

No.  It simply assumes that the user runs mythfrontend /one time/ to 
configure the plugins.

>  which I don't 
> have.

If you're saying you did not install mythfrontend on the backend 
machine, you're running an unsupported configuration, so install 

>   One suggestion near the bottom of the wiki page suggests that 
> MusicLocation be set properly if separate FE/BE machines are employed.  
> I haven't installed MythMusic on the BE so the associated DB tables are 
> not available.  Is this my problem?


> What needs to be configured to have UPnP function from the BE properly?

Install the plugins whose data you want to share, run mythfrontend, go 
to settings, and configure.

If you're worried about the hard drive space you'll be wasting, realize 
that on my setups, MythTV (which is an installation of mythfrontend and 
mythbackend (which is the only supported configuration), as well as all 
plugins except mythzoneminder, mythphone, and mythflix takes less than 
150MB--and, that includes >75MB of themes (I've installed all of the 
themes in myththemes and themes--none of which you need to install).

At $0.10/GB, 150MB is approximately $0.015.  Or, at 1.25GiB/hr (of 
low-quality standard-definition recorded video), 150MB is about 6min 
45sec of video.  Even at 700MiB/2hr (i.e. a long movie cut/transcoded to 
MPEG-4 to fit on a CD), it's less than 25min of (low-quality) video.  
And, when you look at HDTV at 4-8GB/hr, the 150MB is rounding error.


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