[mythtv-users] Imon 0x15c2:0x0036 in 8.10

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Thu Nov 6 15:06:06 UTC 2008

wouter lists schreef op 3-11-2008 22:15:
> If I use the code from lirc cvs, I always get the next error:
> Oct 29 20:37:20 meedio lirc_imon: lcd_write: invalid payload size: 32
> (expecting 8)
  > I already sent a mail to Jarod.
> Currently I'm using lirc-0.8.3 with some patches for the 0x036.
> Wouter

Did you get a mail back already?

I tested by getting the lirc_imon.c from the driver dir and dumped it 
into /usr/src/lirc.0.8.3/drivers/lirc_imon/ then did a reconfigure but 
still the same.

I'm a bit hesitant to completely take the CVS-way to get this working as 
I don't yet know how to do it cleanly(should I uninstall lirc altogether 
or just the lirc-modules-source package?).

It somehow seems that the VFD is called with the wrong size from LCDd or 
something, changing displaysize gives me another 'error':
Nov  6 15:10:16 MythTVFrontend kernel: [ 5467.385390] lirc_imon: 
lcd_write: write 8 bytes to LCD

Which makes me wonder if the VFD is somehow reffered to as LCD instead 
of VFD?

I tried options display_type=0,1,2,3 and only 0 for auto gives me 
/dev/lcd0,1. Option 1 for VFD should force it to be loaded correctly, 
but then no devices get created.
Option 3 to disable the imon-driver from lirc and loading a patched 
standalone driver that used to work gives me no use of the VFD while 
lirc_imon is working rmmod and then loading the standalone driver does work.

So, it either the one or the other for now.



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