[mythtv-users] Where does commercial flagging happen???

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Nov 4 17:02:36 UTC 2008

stuart wrote:
> Hi...
> I had noticed that when my single core MBE was commercial flagging that 
> the duel core SBE would not be able to play back programming streamming 
> from the MBE w/o some annoying jitter.  So I disabled the commercial 
> flagging on the MBE unless it was between midnight and 6am.  (Solving 
> this problem, if possible, deserves another thread.)
> Recently, I noticed the duel core SBE was again having jitter problems. 
>   This time playing as SD OTA ATSC recording.  Hummmm!  I checked and 
> noticed the SBE was doing a commercial flagging session.  I'm thinking 
> this shouldn't be a problem - it's a duel core machine!
> Then a friend suggested the SBE was doing a MBE commercial flagging. 
> That is, I was probably transmitting the equivalent of 3 shows over my 1 
> network between the MBE and SBE machines.
> Even if I didn't set the "flag commercials on the machine it was 
> recorded on" for either the MBE or SBE, I would have never thought a 
> mythtv network would go out of it's way to flag commercials on anything 
> but the MBE.
> So what to people think, will setting the MBE to only flag commercials 
> during off hours (something like midnight to 6am) cause the MBE to 
> executed a "remote commercial flagging session" on a recording recorded 
> and stored on the MBE?
> (Note, FYI, there are tuners on both the MBE and SBE machines.)

The problem may well not be CPU resources, but disk I/O. Many people
have pointed out that it's best to have your OS and/or DB on a different
spindle from the video storage.

I had a similar problem on an older machine, which was solved by
adjusting the PCI latency values of the IDE controllers.

I was then able to make 3 recordings, run a commflag job and playback a
recording, all at the same time (all SD) with a single-core AMD64 3700+
(running in 32-bit mode).

I'd look at your disk I/O situation when flagging commercials while
playing back.


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