[mythtv-users] HD content on SD equipment

Jon Hoyt jon at efn.org
Sun Nov 2 19:02:09 UTC 2008


I have a BE/FE machine that I've been using happily for several years.  It
has a Sempron 2600+ processor, and it gets OTA broadcasts with a PVR-150 and
outputs them through the S-Video output of a Nvidia MX4400 video card to an
18 year old CRT.  It has been working great for a long time, with just the
occasional update using Knoppmyth.

Now, however, everything has been screwed up by the upcoming Digital
Conversion.  I bought a DTV converter (Tivaz brand) and it works fine, but I
haven't got a channel change script going for it yet so I have to change the
channels by hand, which simply doesn't work very well.  I bought an air2pc
card thinking it would tune in the digital channels and work as
transparently as the pvr-150, but after doing some reading it seems that
with the HD content that's being broadcast, I'll end up with huge files that
I might not be able to play back smoothly.  Is this true for my Sempron
2600?  Does it matter that I'm only outputting S-Video?  Would a better
video card help (I'd rather not use XvMC unless I have to, but I'l also
rather not have to replace the motherboard, processor, and ram)?

Someday I'd like to upgrade my TV to something bigger and better, but I'm
not ready to do that yet (might get laid off any day now).  In the meantime,
I just want the easiest way possible to keep using Myth.



Jon Hoyt
Eugene, OR
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