[mythtv-users] Migration of Myth setup (same box) - two questions

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Sat Nov 1 19:31:38 UTC 2008

Hi all -

I'm moving my Myth 0.21 setup over from Mandriva to Ubuntu Hardy, on the
same machine (I have both distros set up and configured, everything's
moved over and Myth works under the Ubuntu setup - all recordings present
and accessible.  However, two minor annoyances:

(1) I occasionally see "tearing" on playback of both TV recordings and
videos.  This did not happen under Mandriva.  I'm using the same xorg.conf
under both distros.  I'm using the Ubuntu-packaged latest nvidia driver
because it's easier to upgrade when necessary (used the one from Nvidia's
site under Mandriva).  Has anyone seen a problem with using this driver? 
I don't think it's a deinterlace issue because I'm recording and playing
back at 720p (though the set will go to 1080i, I'm using this setting
anticipating the HD-PVR drivers, which currently don't work at 1080i, and
also because I use the machine for other purposes as well, and it's really
tough to read text in a terminal on an interlaced 1920x1080i screen).

Interestingly, it's somewhat better under a lightweight window manager
(WindowMaker) than a bloated one (Gnome), though this is a pretty strong
processor (Intel 6600 quad-core at 2.5GHz).

(2) I'd like to run the GUI portion of the frontend in a 960x540 window,
but watch recordings and videos at the fullscreen resolution (1280x720). 
I didn't do this under Mandriva (ran both at fullscreen) but want to do it
in Ubuntu.  Messing around with the GUI settings under Setup -> appearance
seems to run xrandr to reset the full-screen resolution for everything to
960x540 (which I don't want).  Running "mythfrontend -geometry 960x540"
runs BOTH the Myth GUI and the video output at 960x540.  I know I'm
missing something obvious here but have been playing with this for a half
hour now and don't have it right yet.

TIA for any help -
Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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