[mythtv-users] Find solution to no sound problem

Thomas Pedersen tp at gvdnet.dk
Sat May 31 17:46:59 UTC 2008


I been having trouble with no sound on tv playback for quiet a while now...
What kind of things am I going to look for?

-- is it possible to play sound through mythtv, without using the tuner,
so I can test if it's due to lacking sound from the drivers, or cause mythtv
isn't able to play sound on my system?

BTW the picture works fine on it for now, seeing some segfaults, while 
changeing channel, but I'll have to solve this later...

Just for the record:
Kernel 2.6.24-gentoo-r4
Mythtv v0.21_p17100
Driver wis-go7007-linux-0.9.8
Driver patch: http://bart.ulyssis.org/go7007/wis-go7007_0.9.8_2.6.24.patch

-- Thomas

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