[mythtv-users] Myth setup for hdtv - config help

Simon Allcorn simon.allcorn at gmail.com
Thu May 29 08:27:55 UTC 2008

Hi All,

I'm trying to get some HD content viewable on my frontend and would like
some help / suggestions as to what I can do to get this working.

I have tried to look at transcoding but afaik the internal mythtranscode
program does not support H.264 and using mencoder takes many hours on my
front end system, let alone the less powerful backend.

What I'm after is details on what config changes (frontend and backend) I
can make to give me the best chance of playing this HD conetent with no
transcoding - I'm lead to believe that my FE box is quick enough (if only
just!) to decode this content.

HD source:*

UK, BBC HD (1440x1080i 16:9, H.264 with MBAFF)


Frontend: P4 *2.4*Ghz (single core), 1Gb memory , 100Mbit network
Backend: P4 Celeron 515Mb memory

Both Frontend and backend are RH fedora core 9 systems with myth being build
from svn (0.21-fixes trunk)

*Current playback of HD:*

I can play this HD content, but it plays for 1 second, pauses for a second,
plays for a second etc.
(Myth is running under a non-privileged user)


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