[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase running every 5 minutes

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Tue May 27 13:45:16 UTC 2008

> For some reason mythfilldatabase has started running every ~3-5  minutes
> on my system.

Last week I noticed that my mythfilldatabase was running every 2-3
hour. Turns out that when I setup a dummy source for my AV input, I
misconfigured it. Instead of using the no grabber option, it was using
the schedules direct grabber with no user/password. It was being seen
as a failure by mythfilldatabase, even though it wasn't logging any
error message (and since I wasn't expecting there to be any schedule
for the "channel", the fact that it couldn't download anything went
unnoticed). When mythfilldatabase encounters an error, it seems to
schedule itself to run again soon. I'm not sure why yours was running
every couple minutes instead of every couple hours as mine did. But
anyway, thats my suggestion...double check all of your video sources.

Also, have you checked the parent process ID, to confirm what process
is launching mythfilldatabase? Perhaps you inadvertently setup another
cron'ed script to launch it.


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