[mythtv-users] BBC HD on Freesat

John Taylor john at vetsurgeon.org.uk
Tue May 27 09:21:32 UTC 2008

I have now upgraded the whole system to 0.21.

My Mythbuntu 0.21 frontend on the system below now plays BBC HD
perfectly over a 100Mbps LAN. As suggested, I had to go to setup>tv
settings>playback, to page 3/8 and edit my playback filters. I upped
the number of max CPUs to 2, standard decoder, video renderer to
quarz-blit, primary deinterlacer linear blend. YMMV

I never realised HD was so resource intensive!

Am now working on ITV HD. My Nova-S plus card picks it up fine. I can
play it using mplayer classic/ffdshow at about 11fps on a Pentium 4
3Ghz with 512MB (zd8000 laptop). Will try it on the system below when
the other half stops wasting time earning money on it. 0.21 will not
play the stream, nor will VLC. I'm guessing it's the H.222 container
causing the problems. I'll upload the sample file to gigasize later

Instead of scanning for ITV HD (having been burnt many times scanning
for channels), I manually entered the mutiplex and channel info into
the database:

insert multiplex (if you haven't already got it- make sure source
id=satellite videosource and mplexid 122 doesn't already exist):
insert into `dtv_multiplex` (`mplexid`, `sourceid`, `transportid`,
`networkid`, `frequency`, `inversion`, `symbolrate`, `fec`,
`polarity`, `modulation`, `bandwidth`, `lp_code_rate`,
`transmission_mode`, `guard_interval`, `visible`, `constellation`,
`hierarchy`, `hp_code_rate`, `sistandard`, `serviceversion`,

insert channel (check chanid,channum,freqid not already taken, and if
mplexid changed from 122 above then change below)
insert into `channel` (`chanid`, `channum`, `freqid`, `sourceid`,
`callsign`, `name`, `icon`, `finetune`, `videofilters`, `xmltvid`,
`recpriority`, `contrast`, `brightness`, `colour`, `hue`, `tvformat`,
`commfree`, `visible`, `outputfilters`, `useonairguide`, `mplexid`,
`serviceid`, `atscsrcid`, `tmoffset`, `atsc_major_chan`,
`atsc_minor_chan`, `last_record`, `default_authority`, `commmethod`)

On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 10:21 AM, John Taylor <john at vetsurgeon.org.uk> wrote:
> whoops, cat pressed send button before finishing!
>> Now that freesat has been launched here in the UK, it's time to work
>> exactly what we need to watch it!
>> It seems BBC HD is broadcast in MPEG4 (H.264,ts) at around 16259kbps
>> video, 256kbps audio
>> It seems the internal player is unable to play this. I have /just/
>> about managed to play it dropping frames (-lavdopts
>> skiploopfilter=all) with mplayer and the latest ffmpeg
>> My set up
> AMS Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ CPU
> Gainward GeForce 8600GTS video card
> Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
> 1 core is constantly around 95%, doesn't matter if I try to play it
> multithreaded as the video stream and/or ffmpeg doesn't support this
> (the core being used for decoding just alternates)
> It's my impression the problem is with ffmpeg from reading various
> mailing lists. Is there anyone trying to get HD H.264 working well in
> the UK?
> Thanks
> John

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