[mythtv-users] New MythTV IR Hardware going Beta

Matthew Bodkin lists at innovationone.ca
Mon May 26 19:06:02 UTC 2008

Hi MythTV List, 

  I have a new MythTV transceiver coming out soon, the CommandIR II, and
am looking for some testers. 

  The CommandIR Mini become popular for channel changing with MythTV
since it can control up to 4 devices.  It's a Linux-only product.

  Briefly, the new one:
- Can change 4 set-top box channels at the same time (parallel
pipelining with LIRC)
- Has a bunch of user-programmable indicator LEDs - I'm working on
MythTV scripts to blink a light when certain show(s) are ready for
watching, or blink all red if MythBackend isn't running, etc
- Has an internal remote sensor, supports Hauppauge remote sensors
externally now too

  Dev's can get free hardware (email me), otherwise the betas cost a
little more than the regular CommandIR Mini.  We're trying to keep the
cost down but our production runs are way shorter than the stuff at Best

  The betas will be shipping this Thursday and next Thursday.  

  The links:
http://www.commandir.com/content/view/29/43/ - Beta test overview
http://www.commandir.com/content/view/23/44/ - Developers


Matthew Bodkin - InnovationOne <matthew.bodkin at innovationone.ca>
InnovationOne Applied Technology
905 910 0556

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