[mythtv-users] LCDproc, MythTV and Kernel 2.6.24

Ashley Bostock abostock at gmail.com
Fri May 23 09:22:58 UTC 2008

2008/5/10 Anthony Giggins <seven at seven.dorksville.net>:
>> But when I switch to Kernel 2.6.24, during startup of mythfrontend
>> (remote frontend), it connects to LCDproc server, displays what the
>> backend is recording at the moment and then, when scaling themes, the
>> LCD switches to a status screen (Cli: 1, Scr: 7) and mythfrontend says:
>> lcddevice: received bad no. of arguments in CONNECTED response from
>> LCDServer
>> Then it always displays that status screen while I move through the
>> MythTV menu, until I start watching a recording. Then everything works
>> again.
> I'm getting the same problem in Mythdora 5.0 which runs on the fedora kernel
> I have not tried this on any other kernel version though and the strange
> thing is when I first set it up it was working fine......
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Since upgrading to ubuntu 8.04 and myth 0.21-fixes I'm seeing this as well.
Is it a mythtv bug?


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