[mythtv-users] Mythbackend daemon fails to locate remote mysql server

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Fri May 23 01:42:13 UTC 2008

2008/5/23 Larry K <lunchtimelarry at gmail.com>:
> To speed things up on my FC7 backend, I recently moved the mysql database
> (along with commflagging) to another server.  I used to run the backend as a
> daemon, but now I cannot.  Now, when I start the backend (# /sbin/service
> mythbackend start), it fails to locate the remote mysql server.  It appears
> to still be looking for the mysql server locally.  However, if I su to
> mythtv and then manually start the backend, it works fine.
> I have verified that both /root/.mythtv/mysql.txt and
> /home/mythtv/.mythtv/mysql.txt have the correct IP address for the remote
> mysql server.
> What else do I need to adjust to allow the backed to run as a daemon?

You'll probably need to update ~/.mythtv/config.xml if not explicitly
disabling uPnP.

Nick Morrott

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