[mythtv-users] mythnews exits too far

W.Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Thu May 22 08:34:01 UTC 2008


I'm so annoyed with it I'm going to patch and recompile!

Much appreciated,

On Thu, 2008-05-22 at 01:22 -0700, Paul Bender wrote:
> W.Kenworthy wrote:
> > When viewing a feed in mythnews (i.e., in the browser), exiting it using
> > escape causes it to jump right back out of mythnews to the main menu.
> > This is really annoying as it takes forever to get back to where I
> > should be if I am at the end of the feed list.  0.20 used to do it only
> > occasionally and at the last feed - 0.21 does it almost every time, at
> > any feed.  Ive tried playing with the lirc repeats but that doesnt seem
> > to be it (and everything else works fine anyway).  Is there another key
> > I can use to exit the mythnews browser that just jumps back to the rss
> > feed list?
> This was fixed in the 0.21 fixes branch 
> <http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/17278/branches/release-0-21-fixes>.
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