[mythtv-users] mythnews exits too far

W.Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Thu May 22 07:53:43 UTC 2008

When viewing a feed in mythnews (i.e., in the browser), exiting it using
escape causes it to jump right back out of mythnews to the main menu.
This is really annoying as it takes forever to get back to where I
should be if I am at the end of the feed list.  0.20 used to do it only
occasionally and at the last feed - 0.21 does it almost every time, at
any feed.  Ive tried playing with the lirc repeats but that doesnt seem
to be it (and everything else works fine anyway).  Is there another key
I can use to exit the mythnews browser that just jumps back to the rss
feed list?


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