[mythtv-users] Using extra keys in a keyboard

JCA 1.41421 at gmail.com
Wed May 21 22:03:08 UTC 2008

   I use an RF wireless keyboard to control my MythTV box. This
keyboard comes with a plethora of extra keys and buttons all over the
place which, when pressed, are totally ignored by MythTV. What I would
like to do is to map the actions of those keys on to MythTV actions.

  For instance, I have two buttons (not to be confused with the usual
arrow keys) one labeled with an up arrow and the other with a down
arrow, that I would like to map on to the MythTV volume increase and
decrease functions. Anybody know how this can be done? I seem to
recall coming across a HOWTO along such lines, but I can't find it :-(

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