[mythtv-users] frontend defaults

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Wed May 21 05:15:36 UTC 2008

Daniel Agar wrote:
>> Daniel Agar wrote:
>>> Where do frontends get there default settings? My frontends seem to be
>>> multiplying so I'm getting a little tried of changing the same 6
>>> settings
>>> on all of them. I looked in the database, but can't seem to find any
>>> default settings. Is there anyway to make sure all frontends get the
>>> same
>>> default settings without changing them in the database after they've
>>> been
>>> started?
>> The defaults are hard-coded in the mythfrontend source code.
>> You could create a SQL script that sets the values to what you want.
>> Essentially, that is what I do in MiniMyth.
> This sounds like a pretty good solution. Where is the script located in
> minimyth?

In MiniMyth, there is not one script.

There are some shell functions in /etc/rc.d/functions (the 'mm_mythdb_*' 
functions) that are called to set, get and update values. These 
functions are called by different init scripts. Most of the calls are 
made by /etc/rc.d/init.d/mythtv

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