[mythtv-users] Dilema: Upgrade hardware, downgrade OS

Damian damian at gingermagic.co.uk
Tue May 20 09:06:13 UTC 2008

Damian wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm having a nightmare with the new version of Ubuntu. Basically my 
> graphics card needs the very latest beta driver to work(and even then 
> I've not got the resolution for my projector sorted), but then the 
> computer can't run myth as it less me the that Nvidia drivers require 
> CPU's with SSE (which mine doesn't have.
> So, I could either upgrade my CPU, motherboard and memory or I could 
> just go back to Ubuntu 7.10 (which was working fine). And stop pressing 
> update buttons.
> The geek in me wants to keep with the latest and greatest. The time 
> pressured family man in me is sick of things not working and just wants 
> a system he can forget about.
> One of the things I love about Ubuntu is the MythBuntu package. This has 
> made my MythTV experience SO much easier and enjoyable. I'd have 
> probably given up on it months ago if it wasn't for MythBuntu making 
> Myth just work. The only issues I have had in the last year have been OS 
> problems in getting the right resolution etc. Myth has behaved well.
> So, one other consideration is will MythBuntu continue to support Ubuntu 
> 7.10?
> I keep making firm decisions one way, then changing my mind so I'd like 
> to hear any thoughts from you good people.
> Cheers
> Damian
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I just remembered one more question, although I quess it relates to how 
long Mytbuntu will support 7.10
If I keep my other frontend machines up to date, will they still be able 
to connect to a MythTV backend that's on 7.10?


Sorry for the sudden influx of questions to the board. I have very 
limited time to spend on myth, so the time I do spend ends up being 
quite focussed. Hence the 101 questions.

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