[mythtv-users] Myth broken and Ubuntu Nvidia Driver hell

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Mon May 19 11:25:45 UTC 2008

Damian schreef op 19-5-2008 13:03:
> Well, to say that the 5200 card is supposed to be one of the best 
> supported in Linux (as I understood when I got one), there are a LOT of 
> people having problems with them since upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04.
> I'm one of them, and I've had no display about 800x600 since I did the 
> damn upgrade. Finally reached despair now. Even considering moving 
> everything over to a Windows based system because I just don't have the 
> free time for these kind of problems.
> Anyway, on to the reason for me posting here.
> One of the most successful 'fixes' for this driver problem has been to 
> install the 173.08 nvidia driver. Unfortunately, on my system, when I do 
> that, I still get glorious 800x600, but now, when I try to run 
> Mythfrontend I get a message informing me that the OpenGL only works 
> with CPU's that have SSE.
> I have no idea what SSE is, but just assume that my computer processor 
> is too old to have it.
> I also have no idea why Mythfrontend is needing OpenGL, as I always use QT.
> The worse thing is that this seems to have broken my Backend too! None 
> of my frontends can connect to it any more, and I see this OpenGL/SSE 
> error message flick past my eyes directly after mythbackend tries to 
> load on bootup.
> The best conclusion I can draw from this is that I need to upgrade my 
> chip (which also means new motherbloard and fan as the board is already 
> maxed out).
> I currently have a 1.2 gig athlon in an Abit Kt7 motherboard. Can anyone 
> suggest an economical replacement?
> Cheers
> Damian

Your processor talks SSE, the problem you have might be related to 
desktop-effects and settings for mythtv. Ubuntu mythtv isn't updated 
very often and if it is, I usually need to adjust some setting to get it 
working again.
OpenGL is used for some shiny effects when changing menus amongst others 
and should work with a Nvidia card.
The probleem you have seems(very little information to go on ;)) to be 
related to X. Maybe some more info on the logs of X and mythbackend help 
and start mythfrontend from a terminal, that way you can see the error 
which causes it to quit.



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