[mythtv-users] OSD position

Stephen Robertson stephengrobertson at gmail.com
Mon May 19 07:49:02 UTC 2008

Is it possible to change the position of the OSD, especially the menu.  I've
recently been trying different settings in terms of setting gui size, having
the video play the same size as gui or full screen, adjusting the zoom.
What seems to give me the best results with the least amount of manual
changing between different programmes is to set the video to play full
screen and the aspect override forced to 16:9.  In terms of aspect most
programmes are this shape(and seem to be detected as such, does Myth do

The gui size is configured so that I can see all of the gui on the screen
(659 wide and 498 high, x offset 39 and y offset 26) if I use this size for
TV then the image doesn't quite fill my screen but the OSD is great.  If I
change the setting so the TV is full screen then it does exactly what it
says and fills the screen perfectly but the menu OSD is now very slighlty
cutoff at the left hand side.  This is a widesreen PAL CRT TV.  I'm running
minimyth on and EPIA M10K and the video mode is set to 720x576.

Cheers for any suggestions.

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