[mythtv-users] Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick

Raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Fri May 16 23:40:01 UTC 2008

Michael Lynch wrote:
>> Thats great.  I'm really astonished.  Its so inexpensive and USB.  Does it
>> do hardware MPEG encoding? or are you encoding in some other fashion?  The
>> website seems to imply it will do MPEG4 encoding but says that is a trial
>> for versions less than "ultimate."  Makes me thing that is software
>> encoding.  I really don't mind software encoding if it makes the hardware
>> MUCH cheaper.
>> Thanks again,
>> CL
> Well, in all honesty I don't know.  I just set it up as described in
> my wiki page, checked the recording profile and use it to record.
> Beyond that, it just works as I need it to - record what I tell you to
> record, when I tell you to record it...
> I've run MythTV since .17 and have never really cared much about how
> it recorded this in what format, as long as 'it just works'.  Aside
> from patching the code to allow me 2 instances of V4L settings, I
> haven't done much customization or digging into MythTV.  I've found
> most of the default 'technical' settings 'just work'.
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This card has no hardware encoder in it. It simply dumps the digital 
mpeg2 transport stream to your hard disk.
It's really not that amazing, and not too astonishing to achieve such a 
I've had one running since last November. The drivers I installed don't 
have support for analog reception. It also does not pick up QAM. This is 
OTA ATSC only.

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