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>I bought one of these Pundit bare-bones systems for like $160.
>Make a good frontend machine for far less money...

This seems like a very good option for a ATSC system I am planning on

I searched the archives and googled to find a processor recommendation.  I
found the official recommendation of 3GHz but that doesn't seem to apply to
dual core.  I found people saying 3500+ was a good speed but the low power
processors I am looking at from newegg are not rated that way.  I looked at
the HD Playback Reports and got more confussed than before I looked (1GHz
dual core cpu 3800+ and 2.2GHz cual core cpu only 10% faster???).  I found a
site where it was said that the official speed recommendations were out of
date with the new myth code.  I looked on the AMD site and the new low power
processors don't have the xxxx+ ratings there either.  

Here is a link to the processor I am looking at. 
It is a 2.1GHz Dual Core 45watt.

As I am buying this new and the difference between one speed grade and the
next seems small, I don't want to get too little power.  This will be an
HDTV ATSC only combined frontend/backend system driving  both a SVideo TV
and a 720p projector.  The projector is HDMI but I drive it from a DVI
switching pre-processor so use a big fat DVI cable to drive it.
They also have this one for just a few dollars more:

Again, these are not rated with the equivalent speed.

Now, as I look further, I find this reasonably low price processor but it is
higher power.
It is rated at 4200+ Is that enough?  Again, a few $ more is better than
having to buy another chip but if that is more than enough why spend more.

All my work so far has been on a 2.4GHz P4 and it works, but stutters when a
show just starts up and only works with XvMC so it is clearly borderline.  I
have no experience with AMD processors nor with dual core for that matter. 
I built up 5 of these 2.4GHz machines for my family a number of years ago
and have been using then since.

So, I guess my question comes down to what speed is for sure enough but not
gross overkill for a ATSC HDTV combined system and how does that speed
compare to the low power processors I referenced?

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