[mythtv-users] Corrupt Theme display

Kevon mcuser at rogers.com
Wed May 14 03:24:18 UTC 2008

Been running 0.21 for a month now and I have been having problem with 
the themes after viewing media files or updating the media library. 
After going back to the menu screen I get white lines across the top and 
bottom of the screen. The gradually gets worst each time I go from 
watching media or updating the library until all menu icons are not 
visible (covered/distorted by white lines). The theme can only be 
restored by doing a restart of the frontend. This happen with any themes.

The frontend if running a NC800 laptop with ATI Mobility 9600 using X 
open source driver which is running a 720p display. This is throwing me 
for a loop as everything thing else works fine. Any help appreciated.


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