[mythtv-users] Streaming MythVideo the right way?

Sarah Katherine Hayes sarah at sarahhayes.is-a-geek.net
Tue May 13 13:56:56 UTC 2008

Chris is somewhat correct, MythVideo needs a bit of lovin'.  Although 
personally even if Myth doesn't acknowledge that it's been pushed in the 
ring against WinMCE... it has. And MCE is more than just a PVR.  But 
that's a debate for another time.

You could attempt to build seektables for the mythvideo files manually, 
this *might* alleviate some of the jerkyness but my experiments in doing 
so didn't go as planned; my lovingly crafted Wolfs Rain MKV's all played 
worse with seektables than without (video slowed down, audio sounded 
like a stoner was talking)!  But this could be me bashing in to MKV bugs 
in Internal (the regular, single audio, none subtitled XviD rips played 
a-ok), which your mpeg2 VOB's shouldn't have.

Give mythcommflag a manual punt against one of the files and see what 

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