[mythtv-users] Streaming MythVideo the right way?

Eric Robinson ryunokokoro at gmail.com
Tue May 13 02:35:58 UTC 2008

Part of the attraction of a media center setup like MythTV is that not only
do recordings become available throughout the network [home], but ostensibly
other media does as well.  Lets say, for the purpose of argument, family
DVDs.  Recorded Television plays back smoothly and manages jumps smoothly.
If I rip my family's summer vacation DVD as a VOB and try to play it back
through MythTV, however, the playback gets choppy.  I assume that this is
due to my use of a NFS mounted directory as the file source.

I've read in other forums that NFS is not very good at handling large files
[heh].  So what I'm curious to know is if there's a way to leverage the work
that's gone into making TV-playback smooth for the Video files in MythVideo?

Our current network consists of two Mac Minis wired over Gigabit Ethernet
and one Mac Mini wireless'd over 802.11n running MythFrontend.app and a
MythBuntu machine in the basement with four tuners (two HD, two SD).  The
Backend has 3TB set up in RAID such that we could get our huge collection of
family memories stored at full quality and backed up.  The thing is, even
though we can watch HDTV recordings on any of the Frontends (and they're as
smooth as butter), the DVDs running in SD choke and stutter a bit
(especially after a skip-ahead which can sometimes cause playback to quit).
Is there any way around this?

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