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Mike Holden mythtv at mikeholden.org
Mon May 12 18:22:52 UTC 2008

David Watkins wrote:
>> I have had this problem as well, and it is NOT a lircd.conf / lircrc
>> problem.
> ..but lircd.conf is part of the solution.
>> I know this because I had 2 cards in my box, the above Nova T card and a
>> PVR350. Using the IR receiver in the 350 worked fine, but plugging it
>> instead into the 500 the remote works as described above - 0-9, *, # and
>> up, down, left, right send codes, but nothing else does.
> the Hauppauge DVB cards put their ir events into a device input buffer
> /dev/input/eventx
> where they are interpreted as keystrokes.  However only a few of them
> coincide with valid keycodes, which is why only the numbers generally
> work.
>> The weird thing is that irw doesn't see anything, but a simple terminal
>> screen displays the codes. For this reason, it's easy to believe that
>> irw
>> is seeing the codes, but if you change focus to another terminal window
>> and press the remote again, the keys appear there instead - it's as if
>> the
>> remote is working like a regular keyboard rather than an IR remote.
> ..so the above isn't really wierd.
> The solution is to run
> irrecord -H /dev/input/eventx
> to create your lircd.conf file
> and then lircd -d /dev/input/eventx
> to handle ir events.
> I've simplified a bit and you'll need to work out which event your ir
> device is on, but if you read the documentation now it should make
> sense.
> Good Luck

That makes sense, and your description highlighted a key bit I was missing
in the wiki for the board.

I had (wrongly) assumed that the lircd.conf applied to the remote, not a
combination of remote and board. I had a config that worked for one card
and wrongly assumed that since it was the same remote, it would transfer
directly over to the other board. I had already sorted out the eventX
device etc, but was using the wrong config file.

I now have a working remote, so thanks for that!
Mike Holden

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