[mythtv-users] myth and unicode..

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Mon May 12 00:00:10 UTC 2008

> > you just have different settings.
> How do you mean by differnet settings?

In the General settings tab for MythVideo, there is a '[view type] browses
files' checkbox. When checked, what you see comes from the file system (so
is always "correct" in that there is some file there). If you have 'Video
List Loads Video Meta Data' the file system name is used to search that
metadata list. If you don't have '[blah] browses files' then what you see is
generated entirely from the metadata in the DB.

> I delete the line in mysql and then run an import.

I don't use MythWeb (for videos), if you mean import = Video Manager in the
frontend, I have no explanation. If you mean something in MythWeb, well once
clear, we can start fixing the bug.

> > '% Vu %'" I bet you would see Déjà Vu as 44E96AE0205675, in UTF-8 it
> > should be 44C3A96AC3A0205675.
> [...]44C383C2A96AC383C2A0205675[...]

What you see is the result of taking the utf8 representation, treating it as
if it were latin1, and then converting it to utf8. There should be no way to
do this using MythVideo (where MythVideo is limited to the plugin only,

If you want to see for yourself:

$ echo 44C3A96AC3A0205675 | xxd -r -p | iconv -f latin1 -t utf8 | xxd


44c3 83c2 a96a c383 c2a0 2056 75

The interesting bit is how you accomplished this and where to start fixing
things. I do not see how it can be done using only libmythvideo.so.

Anduin Withers 

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