[mythtv-users] HD material not displaying full screen.

Simon Levitt maillists at whattf.com
Sun May 11 20:08:15 UTC 2008


I've recently been attempting to get HD content to work correctly on my AMD 64 
x2 4200+ system; and since disabling the deblocking loopfilter in my SVN 
trunk code I'm not getting any stuttering at all... Great!

However, that leaves me with one issue thats been bugging me from the start (I 
believe it was happening before I upgraded to Qt4 trunk code):

All of my test HD content (movie trailers for the new Indiana Jones, Speed 
Racer, & Wall-E and also the BBC Motion Library footage) is displayed chopped 
off at a width of around 1536 pixels - the rest of the screen being rendered 
in a pinkish white. This cutting off also affects the OSD.

I've tried looking for settings that could affect this, without luck.

I've also dug around a bit in the XV code, of which I have next to no 
understanding, with equal unsuccess - It also occurs to me the XV code might 
be the wrong place to look as normal recordings display full screen just 

Can anyone give me any clues as to where I can look to sort this? (Answers 
accepted too!).

I'm using a displayprofile with the following settings in the DB (I've played 
around with these a bit. but haven't found any that make a difference):

pref_decoder: ffmpeg
pref_deint0: none
pref_deint1: none
pref_max_cpus: 2
pref_osdfade: 1
pref_osdrenderer: softblend
pref_priority: 1
pref_videorenderer: xv-blit

Oh, and I've got a ATI 9200 based graphics card.



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