[mythtv-users] Is there any way to disable live TV preview in guide?

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Sun May 11 12:55:13 UTC 2008

> When playing video my CPU uses less than 10% of one core. However, when I am
> viewing the guide at an HDTV channel, this suddenly shoots to 99% of one
> core. I assume this is due to the scaling required.

Not necessarily. Although I don't think I ever experienced it, I think
I've read this can be a common problem with nvidia chips (not sure if
it happens with other brands). Have you tried setting UseEvents to
true in the device section of your xorg.conf file?

> Is there any way to just turn off the live TV preview in the guide? I can't
> find one in the settings. This would be a nice setting if there is not.

I don't think there is. One possible way to get rid of it (and I have
no idea at all if this will work) is to edit your theme's ui.xml file
and remove the part of the screen that handles the video rendering. If
that element doesn't exist, it may give an error, it may crash
horribly, or it may just render the screen without a video...I have no
idea how it will behave.


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